Why should employers care about this? Studies by the National Institute of Health show depression costs the nation about $44 billion every year in lost work days and decreased productivity. Luckily, there are a few ways to try and combat SAD in your workplace during these long winter months. With just a few office adjustments, you can ensure you’re doing your best to keep your workers happy until those sunnier spring days come along.

1. Place light boxes around the office

Light boxes are a simple and efficient way to improve office morale — especially if you’re in a space with little to no window space. The absence of natural light during the daytime can take a costly toll on a worker’s mental health and overall productivity, a problem that most employers can’t afford to have.

Office Furniture Wall Lightbox

Luckily, the implementation of a few sunlight boxes, designed to mimic natural outdoor light, can quickly help boost employees’ mood and productivity. These bright lights are a quick and easy way to brighten up your office on a budget.

2. Get your employees active

Sometimes, the best way to get employees energized and happy in the middle of a long day is simply to get them moving around. And what better way than by introducing a ping pong or foosball table for them to enjoy as they take a break?

While some employers may object to having games like that in the office, due to not wanting to distract their employees, there is actually plenty of scientific evidence that suggests employees who get up and move around by playing ping pong or any other physical activity are actually more productive and energized when they return to work.


3. Introduce some greenery

Did you know that just seeing plants can instantly improve your mood? One study from the United Kingdom found that bringing plants into the workplace not only increased productivity by 15%, but also increased concentration and workplace satisfaction.

Office Furniture Wall Lightbox

Many offices are taking advantage of the health benefits of plants by adding “green walls,” or walls that are made up of racks of green plants and succulents. Having plenty of plants in the office not only brightens up the space and boosts moods, but it also creates plenty of clean oxygen in the office and reduces employee sick time. Win-win!

Keeping your employees happy and productive during the winter can be a challenge, but it’s certainly not impossible! By implementing these three quick and easy additions into your office, you’ll start seeing the changes in your employees — and before you know it, springtime will be here once again. To learn more about ways you can brighten up your office, contact us today.