Reception Desk, Modern, Inbox

With its contrasting volumes, the Inbox collection reflects a distinctly urban style. Show your personality by choosing from various options such as accent light, wooden or lacquered transaction top, and more.
Base price
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Manufacturing Standards


Handles are included with all storage furniture. The standard is
H052CHR with the exception of glass doors where the handle
is built into the aluminum frame. Please refer to the Logiflex
accessories selection at the end of this price list on p. 92.


Grommets are included on all work desks, the standard style is
the CCPF grommet, chrome finish.


Locks are included with all storage furniture, except for those
with aluminum doors. The standard is LKSN, satin nickel finish.
Please refer to the Logiflex accessories selection at the end of
this price list on p. 96.


All drawers are made of black Medium density fiberboard
(MDF) with an average thickness of 7/16".

Drawer Fronts

A PVC strip 2.5 mm thick is systematically applied along all
drawer front edges.


You must specify the desired finish(es) for each item of
furniture ordered. Please make your selection(s) from the
Logiflex Colors & Finishes Guide.


All furniture items sit on 1" in diameter, white nylon levelers,
allowing for up to 1" height adjustment.


Colors have to be specified for all furniture items ordered.
Consult the "How to Oder" section on the product page for
further details about the procedure. Consult the Logiflex
Colors & Finishes Guide for the colors and finishes offered.
Unless indicated otherwise in the order, the PVC edge will
match the color and finish specified.