Our goal in developing this website was to create an industry-leading front-end, and by using cutting edge technologies to enable gorgeous effects without the need of flash, we were able to develop a site which is moderately animated yet mobile and tablet friendly (even if you don't have flash!). The layout of the GUI was thoroughly planned and designed for ease of navigation and built-in redundancy. Through various feedback during our development phase, we focused on building a dynamic but very "clean" looking site that presents its content in a manner the user can instantly understand and navigate without unnecessary confusion due to overbearing effects or gimmicks. With this concept in mind we added subtle, high-resolution and crisp animated artwork to complement the clean site with a touch of dazzle.

Hopefully our users will enjoy the beauty and simplicity of the new site as much as we enjoyed building it! If you have any feedback or suggestions on the site layout or function, feel free to "Like Us" and leave comments on our Facebook Page - See our Blog Menu link for our Facebook Page.