Here you will find a treasure trove of new office equipment, including fax machines, photocopiers, server equipment and racking, desk lamps, floor mats, water coolers, refrigerators, dishwashers, coffee makers, and more. Anything that may typically exist in an office environment will be listed here!

  • Conference accessories

    Conference accessories such as boards, service carts and other carts can be used to make your conference rooms more practical and user-friendly.

  • Electrical Cable support

    We offer many accessories to improve power and wire management in your office space. Whether you need connection units or wire management supports, check out our various electrical accessories.

  • Handle Pulls

    Handle Pulls@ Enhance the look of your office

  • Keyboard Systems

    Keyboard Systems@ Offer Articulating or Pull-Out models of Keyboard Systems.

    We offer Articulating or Pull-Out models of Keyboard Systems. Our Articulating Series feature our finest low profile mechanisms that allows the tray to swivel, tilt (+/- 15 degrees), change height and retract out the of the way under the worksurface. Complete with a comfort wrist rest and mouse surface. Our Deluxe Pull-Out Systems extend on ball bearing suspensions.

    Product Features


    • Available with Tear Drop Mousepad or extra wide
    • Gel wrist pad comes standard
    • Ball bearing extension to conceal under worksurface
    • Tray has Swivel Tilt for customization

    Pull Out:

    • Available with Tear Drop Mousepad or extra wide
    • Vinyl wrist pad
    • Fully concealable under worksurface


  • Level screens

    The divider screens meet different space planning and privacy needs in a work environment. They offer a multitude of options for effective space management.

  • Lighting

    Lighting@ Can be attached with screws to laminate

  • Monitor Arms

    Monitor Arms@ Free up some desk space and position your monitor so that your neck and shoulders will be comfortable throughout the day.

  • Power Modules

    Power Modules@ Features 2 power outlets

  • Privacy Panels

    Privacy Panels@ Ideal for separating two conjoined work stations

  • Wire Management

    Wire Management@ Necessity for those that require a professional look

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