Conference Room Chairs

Discover the perfect conference room chairs for any setting. You can give your boardroom or meeting room a new look or update your old furniture with a great selection of options from Cubicle Concepts.

Choose based on comfort, style, and support. Give your staff, clients, or board members a comfortable, spacious environment for your meetings.

Finding the Right Conference Room Chairs

Cubicle Concepts offers an assortment of new conference room chairs. To help you find the right chair, think about the atmosphere and setting of the room. For a boardroom, you may want a more luxurious design or a sleek, stylish look. For employee meeting rooms, give your staff ergonomic, mesh-backed meeting room chairs. You can also find conference room chairs that are universally appealing, such as the Zip Mesh Stool.

Make Sure You Consider the Size of Your Table

When choosing conference room chairs, the size of your conference room table should be taken into consideration. You will want each person to have at least 36-inches of space for a boardroom setting, or 30-inches for staff meetings. Divide the length of the table by the space you want to allow. This is how many chairs you can fit on each side.

Original Alternative Seating Options

Traditional and modern conference room chairs are not your only option. If you want to think outside of the box, Cubicle Concepts offers alternative seating options. This includes motion chairs, which is the first seat in the world to move in all three directions, bringing ergonomic seating to a new level.

Keep these considerations in mind as you start browsing for conference room chairs. Consider the number of chairs that you need and the style that you want to promote.

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