New Office Tables

Do you need new office tables? We have a wide array of contemporary office tables, including conference, round, and training tables. Examine some of the main features of each style to determine the type of table that best suits your needs.


Contemporary Conference Room Tables

Conference room tables are primarily intended for conference rooms and boardrooms. Our broad selection of new conference tables features attractive designs and quality workmanship.

Conference room tables can be used for more than just conferences and meetings. They can be suitable for any room where you would like to seat a large group of people.

Round Tables for Your Break Room or Reception Area

Round meeting tables are the perfect addition to your employee break room or reception area. You may even find a use for them in your executive offices. A round table takes up less space than a large conference table, and you can position several of these tables in a small space to accommodate more employees.

Versatile Training Tables for Any Purpose

Training tables are multi-function tables that can serve multiple purposes. You can use them in your employee training rooms or break rooms. They are generally designed to accommodate two or three persons—though, they can also serve as new computer tables for individual staff members. You can easily fit one or two monitors and leave enough space for note taking.

As you search for contemporary office tables, remember to consider the use of the table. This can help you decide on the style, including conference, round, or training tables. For new modern office tables, start your search below.