Facility Decommissioning

Once you have relocated to your new facility you will undoubtedly need to decommission your old space and return it to Leasable Condition in order to fulfill your Lease Agreement. Typical Commercial Lease Agreements require the space to be emptied of furniture, cable and data runs to be pulled to the main closets, and any significant wall damage to be patched. Failing to return your space to such a “broom swept” state usually results in significant fines and penalties from the landlord.

Cubicle Concepts can handle all of your facilities decommissioning needs. Our team puts together a plan to ensure that all of your goals and the lease requirements are fulfilled by your move out deadline, avoiding costly landlord fines. If you want to ensure peace of mind and a smooth lease termination, choose us for your facilities decommissioning needs! We will ensure that you can stay focused on the excitement of your new facility rather than be bogged down with a messy exit from your existing space.

• Old Furniture Assets Disposition

We will liquidate, re-sell, refurbish or responsibly recycle your unwanted furniture assets, clearing your spaces to a broom swept condition.

• Old Electronics Assets Recycling

Properly disposing of your old electronics technology is an integral part of any corporations green program. Recycling old computer CPU’s and Monitors requires special care and transportation to proper facilities. We ensure that your old technology is disposed in accordance to green standards.

• Old Cable Removal

Our technicians will pull all of your voice, data and power lines from your existing furniture. We also pull the voice and data lines back to the electrical closet, satisfying most Lease Agreement requirements.

• Office Space Restoration and Clean-Up

We can preform light drywall restoration and re-painting work along with a final cleanup, leaving your facility in a “broom-swept” ready to re-lease condition.