Office Shelving

Office shelving is an essential part of most workspaces. Nearly every business needs storage, but you may not know where to begin your search. If you need new office shelving, pay attention to the following options.


Fixed or Moveable Bracket Office Shelving

Bracket shelving is mounted directly to the wall. With fixed bracket office shelves, the shelves cannot be adjusted. Alternatively, moveable brackets allow the shelves to move up or down to fit large or small objects. Office shelves with moveable brackets are typically made from a durable plastic, wood, or metal framework. Though, there are also floating shelves which use transparent acrylic to hide the bracket system holding the shelves.

Built-in Office Shelving Systems

Customizable office shelving systems can be altered to meet your specific needs. These built-in systems often fit into the walls or spaces where they will be used. Traditionally, these shelving systems would be custom-made to the specifications of your office space; however, manufacturers now produce ready-made shelving systems that are easy to incorporate into your available space.

Freestanding Office Shelving and Bookcases

Along with bracket systems and built-in shelving, you can purchase standard, freestanding office shelving. This includes open cupboards with shelves or bookcases. Depending on your needs, they may have adjustable shelves or casters for wheeling the shelving to another area.

When choosing office shelving units, think about the items that will be stored. Consider the amount of storage space needed and how much floor space you have available. With these considerations in mind, begin browsing our selection of new and used office shelves!

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