Recycling / Green

We have made a lasting commitment to our long term product sustainability goals. By re-selling, re-cycling, re-furbishing and re-using (for parts or donations) we feel we ourselves become an integral component of our local communities sustainability efforts! Join us in the fight to make this world a better place for our kids!

At the point where office furniture becomes no longer usable or desirable we ensure that all sustainable materials are extracted and transported to an approved recycling facility for further processing and material reuse.

We are always on the hunt for quality built furniture, which utilizes eco friendly base materials such as aluminum, steel, wood or wood composites that do not off-gas, along with low VOC paints and natural based fabrics.

We are technology recyclers as well, finding the proper way to dispose of your old unwanted technology is a very important part of the green initiative. Many of the old electronics have hazardous materials that are not bio-degradable and require proper recycling technologies to dispose of them without harming our environment.