If you want to save money on file storage, used file cabinets can be a great option. Most cabinets are constructed from durable metal, such as steel, which can withstand a lot of abuse and still look nearly brand new. As you start looking for cheap file cabinets, consider the design, style, construction, and safety features of the cabinet.

Choose from a Variety of Used File Cabinet Designs

First, consider the design. You can choose from lateral or vertical, overhead hutches, and bookcases.

–  Lateral cabinets and bookcases are not as deep as vertical cabinets. If you do not want your cabinets to stick out into the office, these are good options.

–  Overhead hutches require no floor space. They are secured to the wall or the top of a cubicle.

–  Vertical cabinets use the traditional cabinet design. They are tall and require less floor space than lateral cabinets or overhead hutches.

Safety Features of Quality Used File Cabinets

Modern filing cabinets should be equipped with certain safety features. This includes interlocked drawers which prevent multiple drawers from opening at one time, helping to prevent accidents.

Additional Considerations

Along with the design and safety features, you might want to consider cabinets with locking drawers, a specific number of drawers, or a cabinet with casters for mobile filing.

Keep these considerations in mind as you begin browsing for used filing cabinets.

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