If you need more storage space in your office, shelving units can be a great option. Used shelving can help you cut costs while updating your offices. Before you start your search, take a moment to consider these details.

Measure Your Available Space

If you don’t know what size shelves to purchase, you should measure your available space. Use a tape measure to determine how much room you have for shelving. If the shelving will be placed in a tight spot, you should leave an extra inch of space to ensure the unit fits.

Consider the Material and Design

You may want your used office shelving to match the existing décor of your offices. Shelves are typically constructed from metal, plastic, or wood. They may be coated with a paint, laminate, or solid coating available in various colors.

While looking at used shelving for sale, also think about the intended use. Do you need shelving for display or storage? Think about how heavy the objects will be and how many shelves you’ll require.

After you’ve thought about these details, take a look at our selection below. Browse individual shelving units, complete shelving systems, and freestanding cupboards or bookcases.

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