New Used Hybrid Office Solutions

For many companies, updating their existing office equipment by purchasing all-new office furniture isn’t a viable option, both for environmental and economic reasons. Unless you can find a buyer for your old office furniture, in all likelihood it will end up in a landfill somewhere, contributing to the planetary environmental crisis we currently find ourselves in.

Your old office furniture probably has been amortized through depreciation on your books, but it is still real equipment that must be either disposed of or sold before you can install your new office furniture. In either case, it’s going to cost your company money.

Custom Hybrid Solutions

But now there’s a new option. Custom hybrid refers to combining “pre-owned” office furniture with either “re-manufactured” or new office furniture. It offers the best of both worlds because custom hybrid solutions provide outstanding solutions for both helping the environment and reducing your costs.

Custom hybrid is the green and sustainable office furniture solution that is being considered by a growing number of companies. In today’s business world, callously disposing of your old office equipment in a landfill is not only costly, but considered irresponsible. All it takes is for one whistle-blower to complain to the press about your corporate decision to throw out all your office equipment to make way to new furniture and you have a serious corporate public relations problem.

This type of downside can be turned into an upside by using a custom hybrid solution to replacing or updating your office furniture. When you repurpose used office equipment, or buy “new” furniture that has been remanufactured with used parts or reclaimed materials, you actually have something you can brag about to the press. That way, rather than a corporate villain, your company can get to wear the white hat in the public’s perception.

Benefits of Custom Hybrid Office Furniture Solutions

Besides the potential public relations win, there are many other benefits to using custom hybrid office furniture solutions when updating or replacing the furniture in your office:

• More Specific Solutions Can Be Achieved – You can configure your combination of new and used office equipment any way you like. That means you can optimize the setup of your office in order to increase productivity, improve supervision and encourage collaboration and creativity amount your employees.

• Modular Design – Custom hybrid office furniture solutions are adaptable for either right or left handed preferences. Plus, their modular design allows them to be broken down and rebuilt whenever you want to change your office configuration, giving you the freedom to experiment with design until you find the one that works best for your specific needs.

• Costs Less than New Office Furniture – The cost savings of implementing a custom hybrid solution usually is substantially lower than buying all new office furniture. Plus, you don’t have to worry about how to get rid of your existing office furniture and equipment because much of it can be repurposed and reintroduced into your new customized office design or traded-in for more fitting solutions.

• Longer Life Expectancy – Even if your existing office furniture already has been depreciated on the books, when you find a custom hybrid solution to extend its life, that has a direct positive impact on the bottom line. That’s a line item that you don’t have to absorb, reducing your operational costs and increasing the profitability of your company.

• Less Landfill Space – Everything you can do to reduce the environmental footprint of your operation helps improve the quality of life for everybody on the planet. By not dumping your office furniture in landfills, you are improving air and water quality, improving environmental safety, and helping create a greener and more livable community.

• Conserves Natural Resources — From the trees that don’t have to be cut down to the metal that doesn’t have to be mined, every time you use a custom hybrid solution to update your office furniture, you are helping make the world a better place to live.

A growing number of companies are using custom hybrid solutions to be responsible corporate citizens while still enjoying the benefits of an updated office design. It can not only save you money and help improve the environment, but it can improve the perception of your company among your employees as well as outside observers.

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