New File Cabinets

Modern and contemporary file cabinets can help your office remain organized. Despite an increase in digital record keeping, many businesses still deal with a large volume of paper filing.


Make sure that you have enough space, by adding high-quality modern filing cabinets in your cubicles and offices.

When shopping for cabinets, consider the design and style. The main two designs are vertical and lateral filing cabinets. For styles, you can choose from a variety of modern and contemporary filing cabinets.

Vertical Modern Filing Cabinets

Vertical cabinets are the traditional design and common in most offices. Their height is greater than the width, as the width is generally wide enough to store standard legal-size documents. The number of drawers can vary between 2 and 6. The main advantage of vertical cabinets is that they take up less floor space.

Lateral Modern Filing Cabinets

Lateral cabinets are wider and generally not as deep as vertical cabinets. Another difference is the orientation of the files.

With vertical cabinets, the files face the front of the cabinet, with files being placed from front to back in the drawer. With lateral cabinets, the files are perpendicular to the front of the cabinet.

The files are sorted left to right in the drawer. This allows lateral cabinets to have a shorter depth. When positioned against a wall, they will not stick out as far as a vertical cabinet, but they will require more room along the length of the wall.

Consider the layout of your office and decide which design works best. Then, start browsing for new or used, vertical or lateral filing cabinets below!

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