Height adjustable tables are becoming more and more popular, and both employers and employees are seeing the benefits of alternating sitting and standing positions. They are often rectangular in shape and provide space for computer monitors, keyboards and a mouse while offering sufficient surface space for writing, studying, or taking notes.

What should you look for when shopping for adjustable height tables? Here are several points that can help you find the best option:

Consider the Size, Height and Mechanics of a Height Adjustable Table

You should first think about the size and height requirement of the tables. Consider the size of the space where you will be placing these tables. Also, determine the proper height requirements of the individual, then look at the speed and quality of the motor and mechanicals.  As with anything electronic and motorized, its wise to have a good warranty.

For example, if you need to accommodate a six foot five inch worker, you may want to make sure the table will raise sufficiently.

Decide if Your Employees Will Need Several Memory Buttons

If your environment is one that caters to several employees sharing the same height adjustable table at various times, you may want to make sure you pick one with height memory buttons.  This is a nice feature that raises or lowers the table to the programmed height.

Choose a Style and Design for Your New Height Adjustable Tables

Your training room tables should feature a style and design that fits the overall décor of your offices and workstations. Implementing cohesive design principles greatly improves the overall feel and vibe of your space and identity.

You will find various options below, browse and feel free to give us a call so one of our designers can help you choose the right table for your needs.

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