Update Your Lobby with a Modern Reception Desk!

The reception desk is typically the focal point of your reception area. It naturally draws the eyes of visitors because they naturally want to get to their business at your company as quickly as possible. While they may eventually notice the décor, the color scheme and other ancillary furniture you may include in your reception area, the reception desk is, quite simply, what they will notice first. So the reception desk is where you should start setting the tone for the rest of your visitors’ initial experience with your business.

Whether you are selecting your office furniture on your own or trusting this task to a professional designer, picking out the reception desk is a very important task. The person selecting the reception desk needs to pay close attention to the design and build.

Form vs Function

Reception desks serve an important function. Besides being the focal point of your reception area and the first place visitors will gravitate towards when they visit your business, the reception desk is also where the employee whose job it is to greet and assist visitors sits.

Your receptionist plays an important role in your organization. So the receptionist needs to have the tools necessary to perform the job at his or her disposal. They need a telephone or switchboard they can use for intake and to announce visitors to your staff. They may also need a laptop or tablet to check schedules and manage appointments. There may also be a need for paperwork, such as office maps or other items they can pass out to visitors.

So the form of the reception desk needs to be balanced with its function. A minimalist reception desk that has a tiny platform, no drawers or cubbyholes, and no telephone probably would be impractical. In contrast, a reception desk that serves as a virtual “command center” for your receptionist with every conceivable device and document at their disposal may be intimidating and off-putting to visitors.

Striking a Balance Modern Reception Desks seek to strike a balance between the manual requirements of the receptionist and setting a tone for visitor’s first interaction with your company. Generally, modern reception areas feature a light and airy environment that puts visitors at ease. While there may be a corporate logo installed behind the reception desk, colors and bright spaces provide a welcoming environment to visitors. Modern reception desks, therefore, need to fit seamlessly into this environment. Glass surfaces provide a neat, clean feel while bases made of hardwoods such as oak or mahogany combine a classic look with an authoritative tone. Simple design helps visitors to relax from the moment they first enter your doors and draw their eyes to your reception desk. The last thing you want to do is overcomplicate the experience or create an anxious or stressful environment.

Sturdy and Confident

What do you want your reception desk to say to your visitors? Typically, the wordless message you want to express is that your company is dependable and trustworthy. By using neat, orderly reception desk that is sleek in design, sturdily built and employs materials such as thick glass, modern composites or solid hardwoods that put visitors at ease, you can instantly and permanently instill a feeling of trust in your visitors, subconsciously causing them to want to do business with your company for many years to come.

While functional features such as telephones, tablets and storage areas are important, in modern reception desks these can often be hidden or miniaturized so that the reception desk is as neat and orderly as possible. Rather than using telephone and computer wires that can either present a twisted and disorderly mess or that need to be hidden with secret holes, why not consider using WiFi and Bluetooth connections that allow your receptionist to perform his or her duties competently, but essentially hands-free?

Modern Reception Desks

With a lot of manufacturing and technology advancements, modern reception desks incorporate ingenious lighting methods using low power consuming led’s to add drama or subtle effect to the station.

Whether you are choosing your Modern Reception Desk yourself or entrusting a professional designer, it’s critical to the future success of your business that you set the proper tone for your company by selecting a reception desk that communicates the tone and emotions that you want your visitors to instantly grasp from the moment they walk through the doors of your business.

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