Social media has come a long was in the last few years, and it has certainly touched the business sector as well. We are happy to embrace social media as a way of expression and non-intrusive customer communications!

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Modern Reception Desk

The reception area of your business is the first thing visitors to your business will see. So it is critical that you make a positive first impression. The tone you set with your reception area will influence the way potential customers, clients and investors think about your business from that moment on. There’s too much at risk to leave it to chance


As you drive down the business district in your area, have you ever noticed how many empty storefronts and offices there are? Has it ever occurred to you why they may have failed? Have you priced out a new conference table, reception desk or cubicle lately? Talk about sticker shock! A single piece of brand new furniture can eat up your entire office furniture budget if you aren’t careful!

Hybrid Office Solutions

Environmental issues such as ground and air pollution, pesticide proliferation and the destruction of the rainforests are no longer the concerns of people who follow conspiracy theories. These topics have leapt from the science journals to the headlines of major news organizations. As a result, there is a growing concern about seeking “green” solutions to even the most mundane decisions, such as the kind of office furniture you should use.